What is the SDR?



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The SDR is an international reserve asset, created by the IMF in 1969 to supplement its member countries’ official reserves. Learn more about Special Drawing Rights in this short video. Read more here: 🤍bit.ly/3iin1gU

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What is the SDR?
What is the SDR?
What is the SDR?
What is the SDR?
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2023-08-16 13:12:07

650 dollarsin indian currency

2023-04-30 13:49:59

The 85 % voting rule is unjust and ridiculous: drop it to 55%. Remove non-state actors' votes altogether. The SDR allocation is too small. Let's think 6 trillion not 600 billion. Let's turn the IMF into a development engine not a bloodsucking leech on poor nations. Paying interest on the shortfall of SDRs should be relaxed in the case of poor and crisis stricken countries - less interest should be charged to poor nations... to be offset by higher interest but a longer timetable to richer ones.

2023-02-23 05:06:41

The @reserveprotocol $RSR mechanism protocol is similar to the IMF SDR

2022-12-03 21:00:39

what is macroeconomic sustainability...?

2022-11-15 14:53:17

The voting rights sounds very much like keeping the old system where Western Countries and US have the major voting rights. `how can 10 percent of the population world determine what policies should be implement to 90 percent of the world population. This will mean development of poor nations will depend on what a few decided. There should be an equitable system in place which benefit society as a whole. The world is big enough for every country to benefit. Also it may make it easy to weaponise the system if you values are not in line with those that are in control of the IMF.

2022-08-27 05:36:30

Still watching Frank G Melbourne Australia 🇦🇺 ❤️

2022-08-17 20:14:07

The IMF is evil

2022-07-13 20:53:36

Roberto Biolcati Rinaldi Ok 🇮🇹

2022-07-05 17:28:19

Thanks for the information please

2022-05-16 23:24:49

Just use Bitcoin

2022-05-06 04:07:23

IMF puppet of usa

2022-05-05 10:57:00


2022-04-13 22:06:12

Biggest taxi company with out owning taxi's: Uber
Biggest cinema with out owning cinema's: Netflix
Biggest hotel with out owning hotels: Airbnb
Biggest bank with out owning banks: Ripple

Its that simple guys...

2022-02-05 02:02:24

XRP = eSDR ?

2021-12-17 10:53:33

............................THANK YOU🙋😊🙋😊

2021-12-17 10:53:18

............................THANK YOU🙋😊🙋😊

2021-12-09 16:08:05

China is great

2021-11-10 09:18:47

From where these 60 billion come 🤔?

2021-10-25 01:33:22

The Great Reset, the New World Order sound great. Jesus sounds way better.

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