The *RANDOM* VAULT Challenge in Fortnite

Tomato - Fortnite

Tomato - Fortnite

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There are 6 vaults on the Fortnite map.. but today we can only open ONE! Let's see what we get... Use code tomato because it's cool (Epic partner) Music from epidemicsound

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The *RANDOM* VAULT Challenge in Fortnite
The *RANDOM* VAULT Challenge in Fortnite
The *RANDOM* VAULT Challenge in Fortnite
The *RANDOM* VAULT Challenge in Fortnite
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Steve Brown
2023-09-23 17:59:50

Your the best

The Tablet
2023-09-23 15:18:12

On my computer

The Tablet
2023-09-23 15:17:11

Bro I'm such a big fan i subscribe to you for 1 year

jon nivard
2023-09-22 21:35:26

Tomato not trying to be rude but you was actually being annoying when you said the havoc suppressed is trash it’s not just hit your shots and you’ll be fine😊

2023-09-22 12:56:30

Great video but when will you reveal your face

Adetola Showemimo
2023-09-21 17:27:57

4 hp😮

melody McIntyre
2023-09-21 16:18:51

The havoc suppressed is not a bad gun you just bad

chun li studio
2023-09-21 16:12:46


chun li studio
2023-09-21 16:11:43

they buffed the havick

Caticorn Ivy
2023-09-21 00:05:35

That was rude to say Vader is bad so that earned yourself a thumbs down Tomato!!!!☹😤

Kadhm Ahmad
2023-09-20 14:15:53

Ayo he cheated he walked through some ammo and wood stone and iron eZ5IZ0ssjmY&t=4m54s 4:54

2023-09-20 12:58:48

So this mean that the the havoc surpresed AR is secretly the best weapon in fortnite, isn't that right tomato

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2023-09-20 12:01:22

Very insane, great video mate.

Doggo gamer
2023-09-20 05:00:42

Vader voice reveal pls

Angie Evans
2023-09-20 02:13:10


Darcy Kesling
2023-09-20 01:54:30

Hi tomato fodrtnite awsome youtuber

Laura Nielsen
2023-09-20 01:03:20

I Love your viteoze❤

Longhorn Nation
2023-09-20 00:07:03

So 😎

Gu videos
2023-09-19 23:31:48


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