SDR School Part One The Basics

David Kennett

David Kennett

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If you feel a little left behind with all this new-fangled SDR stuff, this video is for you! SDR School is presented in a non-technical fashion. Part one covers SDR basics, Part two will cover SDR hardware, and part three, the software. I hope you find it helpful. Dave W8KFJ

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SDR School Part One The Basics
SDR School Part One The Basics
SDR School Part One The Basics
SDR School Part One The Basics
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2023-10-23 01:51:21

Bought a $40 dollar dongle and followed a YouTube video, now i am here, might have missed some steps. Kek

2023-10-04 01:26:01

The interesting part is that in professional music recording studios want those sums and differences. They actually emulate them in various plugins from Waves, Universal Audio, Brainworx.

2023-05-14 10:02:15

2023 thanx 🙂

2023-02-17 18:45:34

Thanks Dave . Perfectly explained

2023-01-29 23:08:04

I need your help asap.

2023-01-25 05:55:04

your a smart man but you don,t see the future here in america it won,t be much longer.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2023-01-25 05:52:36

your wrong about prices going down i keep paying more every time i buy a new one i ust to be a ham i gave it up after i saw where it was going to hell when the 3 letter gov .spies took our rights to privacy away listen but don,t talk they are listening and taking notes on you so you are watched and listened too and recorded they exactlly where you are you will make you dead any time they want your eq. will be come theirs when they make you illegal to talk all around the world if you don,t think it will happen stick around im 79 in march i have seen our rights slowly disapearing you hams are becoming obselete so rich man have fun till they come knocking on your doors and take all your hard earned radios we are on the edge of a civil war here in this stolen country kill mame and destroy in the name iof the whiteman god that is the catholic way of controling the world love those christians (catholics)

2022-12-12 19:50:21

I gave up at 2min 40 sec when you listed 60m as 3.35 MHz!

2022-09-28 04:47:35

I'm only 5 minutes into this, but I like it already. It looks and sounds entirely professional, and I suspect you are a pro. I'm an Amateur Extra who has been into RF since I was 10 years old 60 years ago. But while I'm well versed in electronics and I've built and use a couple of SDR's I always find that there are holes in my knowledge base. I think these videos will fill those holes. Thank you.

2022-08-17 21:11:55

Hi David, how did you be able to have -130dBm of noise floor? I have usually -75/80dBm with a lot of digital noise (USB)?

2022-06-22 18:28:48

how to purchase the radio address i am a india, tamilnadu state

2022-04-14 15:02:48

Thank you for the video.

2022-03-26 17:48:15

Was wanting to purchase an Sdr unit but my issue is the my 2x antennas are 50 ft outside in my workshop and i dont want to re route them into my house , i thought about using a long usb cable but then read that they dont work well and were ony designed for around 5 meter length . I came across these cables which are called active usb and are ment to work for long distances , do these cables take power from the pc?, and do they work as they aint cheap to buy.

2022-03-21 13:59:54

dear mr David thank you for this story telling manual. i learned a lot!

2022-03-11 11:20:51

The major problems people have specially new people in ham, is the overpriced products.

2022-03-08 13:22:21

Thank you for making these 🙏❤️

2022-03-01 22:42:00

Damn you have a good voice for narration.

2022-02-24 17:40:37
Best Recording sir

2022-01-14 23:06:23


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