RTL SDR V4 - Now with Built-In HF Upconverter + More Features

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Here we take a look at the brand new RTL SDR V4 Software Defined Radio received which has had vast improvements made over the V3, especially for HF reception. No more Q Branch for HF! Purchase here: Amazon: 🤍amzn.to/3qJ7I8c Direct: 🤍🤍rtl-sdr.com/buy-rtl-sdr-dvb-t-dongles If you would like to show your support for this channel, then please consider becoming a member by clicking here: 🤍🤍youtube.com/channel/UC9a8Z6Sp6eb2s3O79pX5Zvg/join Products used in my videos can be purchased through my Amazon storefront. US ► 🤍🤍amazon.com/shop/techminds UK ► 🤍🤍amazon.co.uk/shop/techminds Patreon ► 🤍🤍patreon.com/techminds Twitter ► 🤍twitter.com/techmindsyt Facebook ► 🤍🤍facebook.com/TechMindsYT Instagram ► 🤍🤍instagram.com/tech.minds.official Send $$ ► 🤍🤍paypal.me/mobiledev Merch ► 🤍teespring.com/stores/techminds If you enjoyed this video please help me out by subscribing and help me get to my next Milestone of 100,000 Subscribers! #TechMinds #SDR #HamRadio

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RTL SDR V4 - Now with Built-In HF Upconverter  + More Features
RTL SDR V4 - Now with Built-In HF Upconverter  + More Features
RTL SDR V4 - Now with Built-In HF Upconverter  + More Features
RTL SDR V4 - Now with Built-In HF Upconverter  + More Features
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2023-12-02 22:30:08

Try to look for strong tones around 10-30MHz which I suspect is the main resonant tone of ET scout ships aka flying saucers in the 15meter size range. There is good indication from close encounters that the hull is EM energized and that the shape of the craft is (like an antenna or magnetic coil) due to the physics it employs. Since they run at rather high power levels I suspect that these main tones and indeed complex harmonics can be detected from thousands of kilometers away. Some software to watch that band automatically might catch something within days or less because they frequent our skies quite a bit. Pun intended. If I'm right you'll be able to recognize the stable main tone because it doesn't carry any audio or other signal yet it will have complex patterns anyway. The higher frequency harmonics well into the GHz I speculate form a pattern to match the local mass distribution near it. Because they move by negotiating the local gravity potential energy field. But the main tone will be dictated by the hull size and should be steady. But might fluctuate greatly in amplitude. From bare minimum hover to gigawatt burst climb.

2023-12-01 02:25:00

Can I use V4 with android? It says it's possible, but I haven't seen any YouTube videos. Should I buy it to use with Android?

2023-11-20 08:19:46

i wish they would make the casing flat, i like to attach a heatsink to mine

2023-11-19 17:24:22

couldnt the chinese just make the chips albeit counterfeit or even illegal?

2023-11-14 11:00:57

So this means you don't need a spyverter?

2023-11-11 05:24:21

Super vidéo 👍
Je viens de recevoir ma v4
D'après mais test le rsp A1 la dépasse de loin
Je préfère beaucoup mon rsp A2

2023-11-11 02:11:59

What physical antenna switch do you use? I have a magloop for HF but it isn't really designed for UHF/VHF or Airband, and I'd like to connect two antennas to a switch and switch between them without having to unplug and plug in the different antennas each time

2023-11-10 14:09:32

Is the V4 suitable for ipad?

2023-11-09 05:24:19

2 weeks ago I added one of these to my cart on Amazon and ordered it. When I checked the website for it today it is no longer showing temporarily out of stock but I still do not have shipping confirmation for my order place two weeks ago...... and the shipping window is showing between November 30th and December 28th

2023-11-06 22:17:40

Be carefull when buying from UK Amazon they are in a black case with v3 writen on them

2023-10-25 15:33:52

Until today, the Amazon page has been showing currently unavailable for this. However, when I checked it today, it's saying temporarily out of stock and it allows me to put it in my cart and Order it.

2023-10-24 13:59:45

I already have the V3. I'm trying to install the V4 software, I downloaded and unzipped the folder but there's nothing there that indicates what to install.
There's dll files but that's it...
Could you make a clear step by step install video for the rest of us dummies?
I'm running windows...
I could watch you from my phone as you walk us through the process...
Thank you so much.

2023-10-23 02:51:06

I bought a USB RTL-SDR 1 or 2 years ago. So I know its not the latest version. It works perfectly with my desktop but not with the laptop even though so far as I can tell, I installed the exact same software. Windows makes the obligatory "ding-dong" to acknowledge that its been plugged in. Any idea why it wont work with the laptop?

2023-10-20 23:24:42

I got my V4 yesterday. It only took a few days to get it.

2023-10-18 00:33:55

How is the v4 upconvertor switched on?

2023-10-13 03:27:02

you guys need to use an english-speaking announcer

2023-10-11 13:51:22

Just ordered one from ebay.

2023-10-11 11:43:31

xnNky4NhVGU&t=7m20s 7:20 When You Did The Comparison, Why The V4 On The Left Side Of The Screen Have Gain Of 32.8 dB And The V3 On The Right Side Of The Screen Had 0.0 dB ?
Did You Do That On Purpose Or What's The Situation Here? That Definetly Explains Why The V4 Had A Better Results Over V3
Second Matter Is That You Have The V4 Direct Sampling Is DISABLED Wich I Don`t Know How You Got A HF Bands With That Not On Q Branch.
Im Not An Expert On Radios, Im Just Enthusiast, But This Seems Very Fishgy To Me At This Point, The Sampling Rates Are Diferent To.
A Lot of Things Are Diferent And That Tmakes This Comaprison Seriouslly Fishy, Donn`t Get me Wrong, Im A Huge Fan Of The Channel, but Being Non Biast Is Way To Go When ttrying To Push A New Product Or Review It, I LOVE rtl.sdr.com/ RTL.SDR.COM , Seriously, I Do And It Would Be Dream Come True If I Had Equipment And All The Know How To Do What You Are Doing, Sadly I Don`t And I Have TTo Rely On Videos Like Yours Right Here, But When I See So Many Things Difrent between Two Devices That You Are Comparing In Exact Same Software, I Have To Question Everything About It. Im Not Coming At You With Any Disrespect, They May Be A Honnest Mistake Or Maybe Im Dumb or Something, ID on`t Know, But When I Put My SDRPlusPlus On Disabled, I Can Only Receive Above 30Mhz And When Its On Q Branch Then Itst 30Mhz And Lower, The Right Screen Is Okey,


2023-10-11 09:39:55

V3 Have The Black Case To, I Have Two Of The V3 versions That Are Black.

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