Nexus 3 Crazy Fun!! Ft. Nexus Co-Creator & Sound Designer

Doctor Mix

Doctor Mix

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Endless fun playing random music and presets with Nexus 3 & Manuel Schleis! Check it out here: 🤍 ★ Subscribe to this YT channel → 🤍🤍 ★ More about Claudio on 🤍Claudio.Pro ———————————— ★ To get your music mixed, mastered or produced by Doctor Mix now: CLICK HERE ► 🤍🤍 ★ To get Doctor Mix's top 10 mixing techniques join our list here and download the PDF straight away: 🤍🤍 ★ DOCTOR MIX VIDEO COURSES ★ “The Official Guide To Mixing” - Learn to how to mix your music like pro in 24 video lessons → 🤍🤍 “How To Produce House Music” - Learn House/Dance music production in 35 videos → 🤍🤍 ★ DOCTOR MIX SOUND PACKS ★ Michael Jackson’s “Thriller Sound Pack” - the multitrack and samples re-produced by Doctor Mix → 🤍🤍 The Roland “TR-909 Sample Pack” - The original sounds, from the original unit, smiled by Doctor Mix → 🤍 ★ FIND DOCTOR MIX HERE ★ Website ► 🤍 Youtube ► 🤍 Facebook ► 🤍 Instagram ► 🤍 Soundcloud ► 🤍 Thank you for watching this video. I hope that you keep up with the weekly videos we post on the channel, subscribe, and share with those who need to see them. Your comments are our oxygen, so please take a second and say hi ;-)

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Nexus 3 Crazy Fun!! Ft. Nexus Co-Creator & Sound Designer
Nexus 3 Crazy Fun!! Ft. Nexus Co-Creator & Sound Designer
Nexus 3 Crazy Fun!! Ft. Nexus Co-Creator & Sound Designer
Nexus 3 Crazy Fun!! Ft. Nexus Co-Creator & Sound Designer
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2023-11-26 13:41:40

It would be nice if the developers released a new XP Extension: Melbourne bounce, since I write in this genre. I would love to buy it.

2023-11-02 00:18:42

scout from tf2 can make bangers

2023-08-27 14:05:28

I think the video would be better if the beard man is not always also in the frame like that. lol

2023-08-12 14:25:42

nexus is producer savior

2023-08-12 07:32:53

Dude you so funny 😂

2023-07-19 10:27:10

😂😂😂😂 رائع فوق العادة الموسيقى لغة روحانية هي التي تقرب المسافات بين كل شيئ أنتم فنانين بمعنى الكلمة و كتبت هذا بالعربية حتى يلفت الانتباه 🎉

2023-06-22 08:31:52

Enjoy your song very much.

2023-05-31 20:58:34

Lol qiFMgWZhdvE&t=7m17s 7:17 Hahaha qiFMgWZhdvE&t=7m37s 7:37

2023-05-17 22:15:00

IM LITERALLY CRYING! need to save a bunch to purchase this wtf 😢

2023-05-04 10:20:42

There's something about qiFMgWZhdvE&t=0m36s 0:36 - qiFMgWZhdvE&t=1m11s 1:11 . Just amazing.

2023-04-27 10:15:33


2023-04-15 10:11:45


2023-04-13 06:53:43

hahahaha absurdly fun

2023-04-08 06:59:00

haha back to england !

2023-04-07 02:52:09

Don't buy it if your intention is to use it commercially, because you simply CAN'T

• You are authorized to use the Licensed Materials only for personal use.
This means that you are only allowed to use the Licensed Materials for your own personal use and not for commercial purposes.

Have fun at home!

2023-03-25 16:49:38 #heavybreathing

2023-03-24 09:20:40

is that the same guy that made avengers?

2023-03-16 21:54:30

lets go

2023-02-26 20:47:52

sXdl-TZzv6M sXdl-TZzv6M nexus 3 here for M1 -M2 Silicon

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