News At 10 | 18/09/2023

Channels Television

Channels Television

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News At 10 | 18/09/2023
News At 10 | 18/09/2023
News At 10 | 18/09/2023
News At 10 | 18/09/2023
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Johnson set with just in the morning
2023-09-19 06:16:39

The NLC are not representing the interest of Nigerians. They have been profiting from the oil subsides and don't want to lose it. Where were this fools during the naira redesign period ? When Nigerians were dieing, suffering and losing their jobs. They were in Nigeria hiding somewhere and didn't care because they will not make any money by being visible. The oil subsides should be removed for the benefit of Nigerians.

2023-09-19 03:04:07

This was so well-structured and informative, thank you for the value you provide.

kelechi okochi
2023-09-19 02:57:33

Why must it always be the masses to make adjustments to changes? If it's to make frivolous spending the government, don't consider the masses. It's like this government isn't ready to negotiate with the NLC for something to benefit the masses.

2023-09-19 02:17:20

When it favours the PDP AND ELUP, It's victory for democracy. Yeye people

Peter Chinonye
2023-09-19 01:20:40

Nigeria is very rich but the citizens are suffering, wicked politicians.

Peter Chinonye
2023-09-19 01:19:40

Town hall meeting is different from blablau bla

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