Listen Around the World - No Internet Required (HF & Shortwave on RTL SDR)

Tom the Dilettante

Tom the Dilettante

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Listen to HF and Shortwave with an RTL SDR dongle. I've received many questions if this can be done, and the short answer is "yes". Aside from quickly showing what settings to use in the free software (SDR# aka SDR Sharp), I'm using this opportunity to show off a cool little loop antenna I picked up from Amazon for $50. If you weren't sold on SDR capabilities before, perhaps this video will put you over the edge LOL. Enjoy. Tom the Dilettante Amazon Store: 🤍🤍 Megaloop MLA 30+ Loop Antenna: 🤍 RTL SDR Website: 🤍🤍 RTL SDR Store: 🤍🤍 AliExprerss RTL SDR Kit: 🤍🤍 The Smokin Ape's RTL-SDR Setup Video: 🤍🤍

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Listen Around the World - No Internet Required (HF & Shortwave on RTL SDR)
Listen Around the World - No Internet Required (HF & Shortwave on RTL SDR)
Listen Around the World - No Internet Required (HF & Shortwave on RTL SDR)
Listen Around the World - No Internet Required (HF & Shortwave on RTL SDR)
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2023-10-26 17:52:40

Very informative and useful. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and insights

2023-10-08 18:20:56

try it with the frs and gmrs radios

2023-09-17 15:24:25

Gosto muito do sdr. deixa o desktop um receptor. 73!

2023-09-15 10:01:51

can you receive airband?

2023-08-30 03:38:52

This rtl things rx vhf and uhf ?

2023-08-06 06:14:06

awesome video thanks i enjoyed liked and subbed

2023-07-03 18:18:49

Had me . . . right up to the point I need a ‘subscription;’ , . . like a preacher . . . gotta put in your tigthe or no jesus . . . 😡

2023-07-01 14:27:42

It's actually a frustrating way to nearly get out of the hobby. Computers and radio? never worked out for me and there's not one person to call and get help so your on a site like this. thanks for the video but non tech people beware -

2023-06-18 19:00:46

Tom, I followed your instructions for using SDR on my smartphone. Do you know if there’s problems with connecting using Samsung devices?

2023-05-16 00:10:13

How much better is that antenna than just hooking up two really long wires to a Balun? Probably a tough question to Answer. My reception sounds about the same as yours. Although it's really hard to compare with such a small demonstration. I'm new to HAM radio and so far have not been very impressed with the reception. Which is almost surely due to my my unrealistic expectations. But, I'm hoping to hear otherwise because I'd love to hear things more clearly and get into HAM more.

2023-05-08 20:04:57

i have many signals can't listen to anyting im so noob ahah i dried all cd dsb usb but noone worked why ?

2023-04-30 09:42:56

Can you listen to ATC tower and stuff with this?

2023-04-25 17:42:45

OK, this antenna has sma connectors? One question, how to connect such an antenna to the Grundig Yacht Boy radio? The grundig radio has a 3.5mm mono jack antenna socket, is there an adapter from sma female to 3.5m mono jack? waiting for Your answers for me :)

2023-04-05 17:53:00


2023-04-03 03:08:56

WOW. Even without the commercial antenna, just changing those settings I'm now pulling stations that were completely invisible before! Thank you!

2023-03-08 12:37:32

@Tom the Dilettante - Many years ago I owned and used an early Windows 98se compatible VHF USB dongle to watch analogue TV on my desktop PC. Recently though I took an interest in SDR dongles after watching your video and other informative videos like it. For the price they're amazing and they offer a whole new untouched aspect to computing when bored. Shame that broadcasts in the UK are generally fewer and further between anything remotely interesting, but these cheap entry level SDR dongles still provide hours of intriguing eves-dropping entertainment. And no licence required for an RX only device!

2023-03-07 20:48:05

1Pu5e1UR5bE&t=4m16s 4:16 🤣🤣🤣🤣

2023-02-23 12:45:29

1Pu5e1UR5bE&t=4m16s 4:16 I literally had 4 kids because of how much I laughed at that. And I assume that's the Voice of The Dead frequency, correct me if I'm wrong.

2023-02-21 07:26:48

How long must this pipe for the loop antenna must be? How long is the diameter of the loop?

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