Day In The Life In Sales & Business Development (SDR & BDR)

Patrick Dang

Patrick Dang

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Get an inside look inside the day in the life in Sales & Business Development. Join the Ultimate Online Sales Masterclass Sales Legacy or Watch our Free 1-Hour Training: 🤍🤍 🔔 SUBSCRIBE to Patrick Dang NOW: 🤍🤍 00:00 Day In The Life In Sales & Business Development (SDR & BDR) 00:27 What Is a Sales Development Representative (SDR) 02:09 Core Responsibilities of a Sales Development Rep 05:00 Qualifying Prospects 06:17 Opportunities for Career Advancement as an SDR Top Trending Playlist: 1) Sales Prospecting & Lead Generation - 🤍🤍 2) Business Development Playlist - 🤍🤍 3) Sales Tips To Close More Deals - 🤍🤍 What Is a Sales Development Representative (SDR) and Business Development Representative (BDR) Sales Development Rep: inside sales rep that focuses on prospecting and qualifying leads. An SDR (also known as a BDR) is typically an entry-level sales role where it's your job to prospect, meaning find potential customers for your product or service. you're going to reach out to people cold using cold email, LinkedIn, or cold calling What Are The Core Responsibilities of a Sales & Business Development Representative (Lead Generation) The core activities of a sales and business development rep are to generate b2b sales leads for account executives. You'll be doing many sales prospecting activities like researching companies, building lists, and doing outbound prospecting. What Are The Opportunities for Advancement as a Sales & Business Development Representative As an SDR or a BDR, you can advance into the account executive, sales manager, account manager, sales operations, or even marketing roles. This is because SDRs and BDRs get so much exposure to many parts of the business and can make a natural transition into other sales, marketing, and operational roles. Patrick Dang is an international sales trainer who started his career at Oracle in Silicon Valley and quickly became one of the top performers in North America in just one year. After gaining experience in both the enterprise and startup world, Patrick began sharing his knowledge of modern sales students worldwide. Since then, Patrick has trained over 70,000 students across 150 countries on topics on how to start a career in sales, business development, lead generation, cold email, LinkedIn, cold calling, and sales skills. Patrick's vision is to inspire others to pursue their dreams and provide the knowledge and tools to make those dreams a reality. Connect With Patrick Dang Sales Legacy Masterclass: 🤍🤍 LinkedIn: 🤍🤍 Instagram: 🤍🤍 Tik Tok: 🤍🤍🤍patrickdang YouTube: 🤍🤍 Website: 🤍 Facebook Page: 🤍🤍 Facebook Sales Community: 🤍🤍 🔔 SUBSCRIBE to Patrick's YouTube Channel - 🤍🤍 #salesdevelopment #businessdevelopment #sdr

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Day In The Life In Sales & Business Development (SDR & BDR)
Day In The Life In Sales & Business Development (SDR & BDR)
Day In The Life In Sales & Business Development (SDR & BDR)
Day In The Life In Sales & Business Development (SDR & BDR)
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2023-06-02 12:20:46

Love the insights Champ. I just got invited to an interview 🙏🏽😊

2023-05-21 08:59:15

Thank you so much for this short and concise video. The scare I have with this profession is the pressure to make a close deal as a SDR/ BDR. I worked as a SDR once and all were awful experience, probably because of the characters of the companies. So, a SDR/ BDR doesn’t have to fear losing the job because he can pass on the lead to the next person?

2023-02-10 14:25:59

Thanks for the video! :D

2023-02-07 20:05:42

Hi Patrick is there any way to connect with you?

2022-10-12 20:00:14

You are so good at explaining what I do aha haha! Kudos

2022-08-07 16:16:30

Thanks for the video! What books do you recommend?

2022-05-21 03:06:12

Just got a job with HP as a BDR

2022-04-05 05:15:39

Do jobs provide training for their particular job ? After someone is hired do they train them to do the things they want them to do. Also are you reaching out to these individuals via your personal accounts or are they company given accounts? Also where are the companies that provide equipment ?

2022-03-31 15:56:25

Thank you for all these videos! I got a job as an SDR 2 weeks ago and it really helped me on my interview journey and figuring out if it was the right fit for me ❤️

2022-03-24 21:56:33

Thank you so much Mr. Patrick. You made my life a bit easier.

2022-01-20 14:36:06


Do you have anything about the Sales Coordinator?

2021-12-30 20:13:30

Got my final interview for an SDR role next Friday. I'm super excited

2021-10-03 00:41:58

Thanks Bro for sharing your knowledge...Confidently passed my second interview...moving on to the 3rd interview... thanks to these videos...

2021-09-30 14:50:27

This is very Informative! Thank you, I had a recruiter reach out to me and I’m intrigued but scared it’s too good to be true.

2021-09-10 22:57:00

How is this different from a telemarker?

2021-08-03 12:20:29

I am wondering if you can get into recruiting with SDR experience at a tech industry since recruiting is kinda like selling the reasons to the candidates to work for the company? Any thoughts? I really want to get into recruiting but even getting an recruiting coordinator job is hard so I am wondering if starting off as a SDR is a right path to it.

2021-08-01 21:33:17

Great information as I'm looking to land my first gig as a SaaS SDR/BDR. Looking forward to more content from you, bro!

2021-06-07 16:14:18

Thank you for sharing your experience. It really helps me alot :). Wish you all the best

2021-05-21 20:19:12

You remind me of a brontosaurus

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